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Anonymous said: I really like GBY, when will you post chapter 19?? Sorry if I'm bothering you, I just want to know what will happen!! Xx

Heeeeeeeey love! It’s okay, you guys never bother me! hahaha Im so sorry I haven’t been online lately, I wish I would have the time to update the fictions more frequently, but life sucks sometimes, you know? I’m about to write more chapters right NOW and then if I’m able, later today (or tomorrow) I’ll be posting them. Hope you enjoy it.

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GBY Chapter 18 - Hang out.

One full week passed by since that day, and things went pretty normal since then.  Niall called me every single day and made sure to know about every single detail of my days, as if he wanted so bad to part of it. I couldn’t deny how happy I was, but still insecure. That kiss was our secret. Nobody would know about it but us. Not even Alexis got to know about our little adventure. Reasons? We got some: privacy.

As he said, once we made that official, people wouldn’t stop talking about us, and soon the fans would get to know. It was a bad thing, but, if the fans got to know, then the paparazzi would as well. And he said it would be better if we kept it to ourselves. He said “Nobody needs to know, give us time to grow and take it slow” and I accepted.

If I was happy with this decision? Well, partially. I would really love to be able to share this with my other friends, and maybe act like lovers while hanging out with other people, but I couldn’t. However, I could perfectly understand his reasons, and in fact, he had a good point. The more people got to know about us, more they would have to use against us. And the more vulnerable we would be, consequently. So, I was fine with it.

And tonight we were all going to hang out together. I mean, the lads, their girlfriends, and some more friends. Amanda was the one who invited me, and I felt happy that I was finally being included on their friendship circle. I was ready to go when my cell phone buzzed with a text message coming from Harry: “Here we are! Come down, we’re waiting! :Dxx”.

- Isn’t he cute? - I giggled picking up my purse. Then I left my flat.

I finally reached the entry of the building and searched for Harry’s car, easy to be found. Once I got closer, someone got out of the car and opened the door for me. It was Louis, being a gentleman.

- Night, beautiful! - He greeted me as we entered the car.

- Hey everyone! - I said hi to those who were there: Harry and Amanda on the front seats, Lou, El and me on the back seats. Liam, Dani, Zayn, Perrie and Niall were on the other car.

I found it strange that Niall wasn’t there, but I decided just to ignore it. I also had no idea where we were going, so I quickly forgot about the subject.

- Before you wonder, we are going to Zayn’s beach house. - Amanda told me and I got really confused.

- What?! But I haven’t… I mean, I don’t think I have what I need to stay there if we do. Plus, it’s pitch dark already… do you intend to stay there the night?

- Yes, we’ll do that. - Eleanor told me with a huge smile. - But don’t you worry, because none of us is with luggage. We have all our stuff there.

- At Zayn’s? - I giggled. - How?

- Let’s just say we always go there, and, because of that, we have some clothing and beds and everything we need there! - Louis told me. - And you can surely borrow some things.

- Thanks then! - I said.

I got really excited to think that I was going to spend the whole weekend at the same space as Niall, but also I couldn’t stop wondering how would that be. Probably awkwardly uncomfortable, because neither Niall nor me would be able to go and just be together. “Damn” I thought and soon the silence ended when Harry turned on the radio.

Time passed by and we finally got at the big beach house. It was some kind of isolated house right in front of the beach. Beautiful and completely far away from the city lights. No one would bother us for sure, so that made me comfortable to be myself. We quickly got out of the cars and that was when I noticed one more car was parked there.

- Who else came? - I asked Amanda pulling her by the arm.

- Madeline came as well! – She told me with a smile. – Also, we invited a couple of friends that you don’t know yet. I’ll just introduce them to you!

Amanda quickly walked up to the red sport car where Madeline had just gotten out and called for two more names. Aria and Nick. Those were the names. The young girl with big brown eyes and long dark straight hair left the car first. I assumed she was Aria, and walked towards her so I could say hello. Nick, the ginger guy, walked to me right after. Amanda and Madeline introduced them to me and we soon started to talk. They seemed to be cool, just as they also seemed to be mysterious.

Nick and Aria were probably in a relationship because they wouldn’t leave each other’s side for ANYTHING. Plus they held hands the whole way into the flat. And soon I got to know Nick was Madeline’s older brother. They came from Dublin in order to spend the weekend at Zayn’s flat with us.

So, the night was falling and we were all inside the beautiful house. Zayn had an amazing taste for furniture and decoration, in fact, and that was something I really admired. On the other hand, something that was literally pissing me off was the fact that Niall had barely even looked at me since we got there.

- Fine! He’s probably too busy being popular and a jerk. I thought he was different… - I muttered alone as I made up the bed I was going to sleep in. Amanda and the girls were sitting next to the fire place, even though there was no fire and it was super hot, while the lads were outside doing anything I didn’t want to know.

Aria, who was about to enter the toilet of the room we were supposed to share, jumped once she saw me.

- Huh!! – She hiccupped. – Chelsea! Girl, I didn’t see you there!! Sorry. Am I interrupting anything?

- No, I’m fine! – I told her with a gentle smile. – I was just…. Talking to myself.

- I see! – She giggled. – What are you up to? Going outside maybe?

- I don’t know… - I sat on the bed. – I just… really don’t know. I feel like they don’t want me around. I know it’s weird but, basically the only people talking to me here are Amanda, Harry, Madeline, and now, you. Perhaps I should just go home.

- No way I’m going to let you do this! – She said pulling me by the hands. – Here, come with me! We are just about to build a fire outside and maybe go swimming! The girls and I were just about to go change, and they asked where you were, so now that I found you, we shall go and get in our bikinis!!

- Okay then… - I gave up. She was just so damn excited that I just couldn’t say “no, thanks”. I had to join them.

So Aria and I went to the living room and happily the girls greeted me like they were waiting for me for ages. Perrie even made a joke saying “I honestly thought we’d lost you! Don’t do that again, ok?”. She is, indeed, the sweetest girl ever! And then Amanda headed us to some kind of closed, filled with clothes with different sizes and colors.

- So I suppose these are all yours…? – I asked to Perrie and she laughed at me.

- No!! These are all ours. I mean, each one of us brought some things here. We always do that! So now we have a lot of things to use. And we also like to share some pieces. For example, you don’t have a bikini here, do you?

- No, unfortunately. – I shrugged.

- Well, I do. You can use this. – She handed me a small package with a brand new blue bikini. It wasn’t even opened yet. – It’s brand new and I haven’t used it yet. Perhaps I won’t even, cause I happen to have a lot. Try it and if you like, keep it! – She smiled sweetly and pointed to a small cabin where I could change.

I just couldn’t help but to be amazed. Everything there was just big and flawless. Perrie and Zayn’s beach house happened to be bigger than my own house in the USA! But I guess it’s normal, right? They are famous, both of them. So it was kinda predictable.

Anyways, I tried the blue bikini with stripes and it actually fit me perfectly, so I thanked her and she said I “really had to keep it” because it looked gorgeous on me. It was actually fun to hang out with those girls, all crazy like me. We soon got ready and went outside to find the boys shirtless building a fire over the sand.

- Zayn, you are so smart that you just got WATER on out fireplace! – Said Nick, poking him the stomach. Zayn giggle kinda embarrassed and also frustrated cause it was the third time they were trying to make fire and they just never made it.

- Hiii guys!! – Danielle said with a thin voice making all of them turn around to face us. They got simply speechless. And it was funny cause they couldn’t really see our faces, because of the lighting, but we could perfectly see theirs, and they were just completely fooled.

- Wow, pretty girls! Now it’s party! – Harry said cheekily jumping over his girlfriend, who decided to run away from him, making him stand there like an idiot and then go after her. In fact, Harry was just so slow that even Amanda got to be faster than him. I wondered if I was the only one who found that funny.

Soon everyone got together. Nick and Aria were sitting next to the finally built fire, Eleanor and Louis were chatting next to them, Zayn got Perrie in his arms and decided to throw her into the water and she got really mad, but still loved the idea, and Harry and Amanda kept on acting like crazy people. Madeline was talking to Liam and Danielle, as them all brought some food to the small table they had there, and Niall was helping with the cups and other things. I simply sat around them, looking up to the skies to see a beautiful moon over our heads.

It hurt. Hurt because I wanted to do things I couldn’t. I wanted to go and talk with Niall, and find out if he really liked me or why he wouldn’t even look at me in the eyes. However, I couldn’t. I couldn’t because I was afraid he was going to say “I don’t want to be with you”, after all. “God damn it, Chelsea! You used to be stronger! What’s happening to you?” I asked myself, and that was when the blond guy sat next to me.

Niall made me look at him, even though I didn’t want to face his blue eyes, and he had a small smile on his face. It actually looked kinda sad, like he wanted to say something, or do something. Still he didn’t do anything. So I decided to break the silence.

- Cool place here, huh?

- Yeah. – He nodded. – You should see my family’s country house. It’s the best place in the world.

That was when an awkward silence tied us. I didn’t know what to say and he just kept looking down at the sand and pretending to eat something that I believe it was a candy. I simply sighed and rolled my eyes.

- I hope someday I go there, so I can see it with my eyes. – I said.

I didn’t even think of my last words. They sounded just annoyed. I mean, it sounded like I was really bothered by something, which was real, but he didn’t have to know that, right? So I mentally punched me in the face and closed my eyes tightly hoping that he wouldn’t think I was being rude.

- I know you will, Chelsea. You will be there anytime soon, I just feel it. – That was what he answered. Making me look back and face him. His eyes were sparkling and his smile was sweeter than before.

And for the first time, my heart started racing like it would jump off my mouth at anytime. It felt like butterflies.

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Hey guys, I’m sorry.

I know I haven’t been online lately, but believe me I’ve got reasons for that. I was writing so I could update both fictions today, but it happens that I had to go out and I don’t believe I’ll be able to do such thing today. However, tomorrow for sure I may update them. Sorry again, love you all <3

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I edited the pitch to ‘Rock Me’ and they sound like 13 year old boys i can’t



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I love boybands

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Styles twins


Styles twins



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Zayn is my spirit animal.

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I just like Larry fanart. Not mine, credit to the owners!